Friday, 21 June 2024

Brave new world

The latest issue of global space magazine ROOM – The Space Journal is published this week and is a must-read for anyone interested in space and the future.

Printed copies delivered either by mail direct to your home or electronic digital versions for download are available on subscription from the ROOM website

In this issue of ROOM there are exclusive articles on ‘Sky-fi – the dawn of the space internet era’, ‘Surviving radiation for space colonisation’, ‘Growing plants without gravity’ and ‘Recipe for success on flights to Mars’, looking at how food will be more than just nourishment on future journeys to the red planet.

In his opinion piece ‘Could Brexit blow a hole in UK’s space ambitions?’, Dr Mike Leggett suggests Britain’s decision to leave the EU might have unanticipated effects on the long-established cooperation of the UK and Europe in space.

Swift progress towards deployment of large satellite constellations also point to serious issues in the space environment – not just for the future but for now – and these are eloquently addressed in articles ‘Mega challenges for mega constellations’ and ‘Urgent action needed to keep satellites safe in orbit’ by Holger Krag and Mark A. Skinner.

In ‘Spaceplane rationale – a new way of thinking’, David Ashford argues that a choice made by NASA four decades ago probably led to a very different future for the global launcher industry – and can we change it?

The latest issue of ROOM also highlights the search for a new system of space governance – a globally agreed system of laws and codes of conduct for the benefit of all humanity, not just those with the power and might to muscle their way to the front.

Articles in a special Space Security section come from a definitive new study contributed to by more than 80 lawyers and space professionals from around the world.

Other articles look at ‘How to build a Moon base cheaply’, differences between ‘Automated and human-operated systems’, Bepi-Colombo’s forthcoming mission to Mercury and ‘Hunting for neutrinos in the ice of Antarctica’.

“Important choices and decisions lie ahead, not only for our national and global politicians but also for those at the heart of the international space community,” suggests Managing Editor Clive Simpson in the issue’s challenging Foreword.

“Does humanity take the well-trodden path of least resistance or do we head intelligently and wisely into a brave new world of cooperation and togetherness – and go daringly and boldly into the future?”

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