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Flood Waters Down

My first novel ‘Flood Waters Down’ is about the disparate lives of a renegade Fen dweller and a young city woman colliding with purpose and passion in a dystopian near-future world where powerful entities are exploiting the unstoppable forces of nature as a cover for sinister plans to dominate humanity.

Water and flooding at the novel’s heart are not just physical but cultural and, against this backdrop, the heroine journeys from a disintegrating capital city into an alien and primitive environment where life becomes real and relevant again.

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Clive Simpson

Clive Simpson

Clive Simpson is a freelance writer & editor, and Editor-in-Chief of the international magazine ROOM Space Journal. He is a specialist in the global space industry and has written hundreds of news and feature articles, annual reports, websites and blogs, as well as contributing to several books.



A love of words in all their forms and styles underpins much of Clive’s work. As well as articles on space exploration, he also writes on the environment, the climate emergency and travel. His blog So Said The Lighthouse Keeper provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Space Shuttle’s final flights, topical comment and travel.



Clive has been managing the editorial publication of ROOM Space Journal since 2015, running a small team of international editors, overseeing all content and the magazine’s website. Clive works extensively in the space and aerospace industries in both the UK and Europe, and was Editor of Spaceflight magazine for 10 years.



A wealth of marketing and PR experience with a diverse range of businesses throughout the UK, as well as working with pan-European and international organisations across France, Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands. Clive offers advice, training and mentoring in PR and marketing at both local and national levels.



Clive has written and edited several books including his own travelogue Land of Great Cathedrals, Asgardia’s The First Five Years, Barry Weir’s Driving Ambition, and Igor Ashurbeyhli’s Aerospace Development in the 20th Century. He offers freelance manuscript editing, ghost-writing and editorial services to publishers and individuals.

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